Workshop participants say this . . .


  •  My insides are jumping up and down after last night’s journaling session. 
  • The session gave me concrete tools to use for my own emotional well-being that I can put into place immediately. 
  • Your session helped me write in a journal I have been waiting too long to open!
  • This was a fun Zoom night in The Writing Shed.
  • A beautiful hour . . .  It made me so emotional. Thank you. Feeling blessed!

Lessons Learned

  • I learned that I have to carve out time to do this writing. Even with just 10 minutes in this workshop, I can already see the benefits. 
  • I learned that writing is therapeutic!
  • I learned that the Journal to the Self course would give me the structure and accountability I need to commit to my own health. 
  • I learned that i have been holding these emotions for the past 28 years inside of me. Tonight I got to express them on the page.
  • I realized in today’s session just how comforting journaling is. This was a truly transformative session for me!


Jennifer Polk, PhD, Academic Escape and Career Clarity Coach for PhDs

I participated in one of Maggie’s Writing Shed workshops and had a great experience! I’m (like a lot of us) not great at make time for internal exploration, and thus really appreciated this session. Maggie provided clear instructions and guidance, and created a welcoming space for folks to share.


Aliya Latif, Founder and CEO of PeaceBuild 360 LLC and Restorative Justice Advocate

I’ve been fortunate to participate in several virtual Writing workshops and countless restorative sessions with Jessica Maggie Brophy. I found her work uniquely introspective and engaging. I regularly recommend clients to her virtual sessions and workshops, particularly those experiencing Compassion Fatigue, PTSD and ongoing traumatic life events. Dr. Brophy is a deeply empathetic and knowledgeable facilitator. Her passion for creating safe spaces of community and empowering writers to find, use and amplify their voice is why I will continue to strongly recommend her work and practice.


Mary Kate Yang, Seasoned Supply Chain Analyst and Manager

I recently had the opportunity to spend time in The Writing Shed with Jessica Maggie Brophy and learn about the valuable tool of writing a time capsule. Jessica Maggie facilitated the workshop with confidence, grace, and poise; gently guiding her students through a series of meditative exercises, followed by brief silent writing prompts. Her style was gentle and inspirational. In only 60 minutes, I was able to walk away with a series of journal entires that captured the essence of my month. Jessica helped me to identify the events, people, and places that meant the most to me in the past month and put it to paper. She challenged me to write continuously without stopping and without judgment, which stretched me as a writer in a profound way. Jessica is humble and shared throughout the workshop the ways in which she was inspired by her students’ contributions. This made for a beautiful and open dynamic between student and teacher. Jessica is an amazing writer and an incredible teacher. I would highly recommend The Writing Shed and Jessica Maggie Brophy to anyone seeking to grow in their confidence and skill as a writer.


Dr. Belinda Elek, English Editor

Maggie is a wise and empathetic guide who creates a calm and introspective environment that makes sharing the writing experience with others feel natural and freeing. I found this workshop to be a powerful way of overcoming resistance to expressing myself and in the process gathered some valuable understanding as to why this may have been. If you’re looking to check in with yourself and to exercise some (perhaps rusty!) creative muscles, I can not recommend Maggie’s workshops enough. I feel as though I have as of yet only skimmed the surface of how this practice can be supportive – from seeking a healthy way to deal with difficult times to the joy of exploration and finding unexpected things along the way. Thank you for a wonderful experience, Maggie! I look forward to many more workshops in the future.