Meditation on Love

I feel selfish when . . .

I am doing something fun for myself, like journaling, listening to records, or getting a massage.

I feel selfish when . . .

I am taking a swim and my kids are getting mac and cheese again from Papa.

I feel selfish when . . .

I sign up for an art class even though my child expressed interest in it too!

Does this sound like you?

AND are you done feeling guilty and want to write yourself out of a world of should’s into a world of I would love to’s?

Here is a journaling prompt on self-love: Choose a gentle ringtone for your phone time (I like piano or the harp), and then set it for three minutes. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and meditate on love–in the abstract, in the particular, in the past/future/present. Immerse yourself in loving thoughts, memories, aspirations. When the timer rings, re-set it for seven minutes, and then free-write a meditation on love.

This prompt is taken from the Journal to the Self card deck written by Kathleen Adams.