Thoughts on Hiring a Business Coach

During our before-you-pay sessions, my potential coach said things that stuck to my bones: You don’t have to do anything.

She was already pre-empting my groans regarding tasks I thought I had to do.

When I told her I initially thought I wanted a doula to help me birth my small business, then retracted because this assumed there would be pain, she asked: Have you heard of orgasmic birth experiences?

When I asked her, “How am I going to get clients?”, she quietly asserted: You’re looking for a thought partner.

This coach flicked mantras off her shoulders—a Beyonce of business coaches: Along the path of your growing business, you will feel ease, positivity, and freedom.

I’ve had one foot in higher ed and one foot out for so long, I’m starting to feel icky, and this potential coach might help me dance like Beyonce?

I dream about writing a memoir: 

   My Journey from Adjunct to Entrepreneur

   Zen and the Art of Leaving Higher Ed

   Fuck U (AKA All College Labor Practices in North America)

   The Spiritual Academic

   Jersey Girl Loving New Mexico

I dream of women who write memoirs about leaving their day jobs and going to Europe.

I dream of painting mini-objects found in magazines (the Radio Flyer wagon!) onto blank postcards in watercolor.

Do I really need a coach for an Etsy business?

I know I need help with my entrepreneurial personality. Do I have one of those?

Do I want to find out?

I think so.

The $6000 for 6 months of coaching is a big investment. 

Matchmaker or business coach?

When she said things like market research and business strategy, I was intrigued, but also blank. 

I imagine she can help me figure these things out.

She whittled down small business success to three objectives: To make my business pure and the message clear and to get it in front of enough people so they can say yes.

I can’t see the business clearly right now. 

She said, move out of alignment, not fear. What if there were a beautiful buffet of options waiting for you to choose what you wanted? Where does the work feel delightful? You don’t need to know right now. 

I want to find that marriage between what my client finds value in and clients who excite me.

Have faith and belief, she said, which picks at my recovering disorganized attachment style.

I want faith.

Do I believe in myself?

I believe in my feelings of empowerment and excitement after two sessions with her, and I believe in bringing people close to me who can support my developing business. 

That is all I know right now.

The rest will be dreamed in the dance of my imagination.