She Wants More Beauty

She is an overworked woman, that professional, who is a mom, and a wife, and a daughter, and dog parent, and the PTA treasurer. She feels selfish for taking time for herself. She thinks that self-care does not apply to her in this busy season of her life.

She scoffs at the idea that she should take time to reflect, sit down, and open up to herself. She doesn’t know what it means to speak softly and sweetly to herself. To even say the word soft feels strange and forced, definitely forced.

She is okay with using the word should. Actually, the word should feels so satisfying to her. It is clean and efficient and linear. She can get from A to B. But to wander? To move in a spiral around something that is important to her over and over again? No. she thinks she doesn’t have time for that.

She thinks that she can keep moving at the pace she is.

But oh how she longs for a happiness that she defines. How she longs for a life with less to-dos. She longs to be in her body, her heart, but right now it just feels tense, like an ox carrying a yoke, doing all the work for the family. She wants more beauty, and the pleasure that comes from doing nothing. The softness of her own insides.

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