Softness and Getting to Know Ourselves

Women tell me they want more softness in their lives.

They tell me that practicing yoga, saying “no,” or  connecting to their feminine energy can help them. 

I affirm these practices, and I say . . .

What if learning more about your censor could also bring softness?

What if you attuned to that voice inside of you that says, “Don’t do that. That is wrong. You should be doing this.” 

What if learning about this censor helps you notice those conflicts that cause stress or hardness?

This state of mindful awareness can bring silence, clarity about what is true, and order to the chaos. 

Here is a journaling prompt to help you observe conflict:

Any time we actively like or dislike something about another person, it’s likely because it’s mirroring something we like or dislike about ourselves. Write a brief description of someone with whom you’re feeling conflict, describing the behavior (opinions, attitude, worldview) of the other. Then reflect on what you see in the other that you deny in yourself, or how the other echoes something in you that you have grown beyond, or where the other is representing something that goes against your core values.

Prompt taken from Journal to the Self Card Deck by Kathleen Adams