What happens at a women’s journaling group?

Maybe you are wondering what to expect when you come together to journal with other women. You think: Will I have to share? Will I get writer’s block? Can I make a new friend? Do I have to bring my own paper and pen? Will it be like writing an essay in high school (the time where I procrastinated until hours before the deadline)?

Trying to describe the magic that happens when women get together to journal together is difficult, but I will do my best:

First, we get cozy with each other. We break the ice. We talk in a circle. We “show and tell” our lives.

You should bring your favorite pen and notebook. 

Me move on to journaling warm-ups together (2-5 minutes) to release our nerves and whatever has built-up in our brainbodies for that day already.

Then we write for longer stretches (maybe 7 – 15 minutes) to uncover something a little deeper about ourselves.

Sometimes, we learn a new journaling tool to add to our toolkit (e.g., the time capsule tool; the captured moment tool).

Then we share. If you want to read your writing, you can. If you want to keep it close to your heart, that is perfect too.

Either way, you will feel the power of journaling together. You will feel seen and heard. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the pens scribbling together, or hearing your story in the story of another woman, or just being intentional about doing something good for ourselves, but a powerful alchemy swirls once the writing happens!

After a natural pause of sharing, we close the circle.

We take the feelings of connection and belonging with us.

We end by sharing a drink or meal. We take the newfound self-knowledge with us into our everyday lives. We give thanks for doing it with other women who supported us, even if it were for that brief hour or so together.