Fake it Till You Make It?

What’s in a photo? What’s in a moment to get the perfect shot? Let me fix my hair, let me get “on my good side,” let me take off my hat, let me point my toe to make my legs look longer. Let me fix my posture. Are my tits up?

What would your body say if it was acting as if it were on stage?

Would it “fake it’ til you made it”?

Glib advice, suggesting that inauthenticity is key to success.

But what about just acting as if you were already successful?

Here’s a journaling prompt to celebrate someone you are becoming–

Write a letter to your future self who has already accomplished ___________ (fill in the blank):

–Praise your future self.
–Congratulate her on the specific steps it took.
–Acknowledge how she overcame the challenges.

Brain Fact: Behavioral rehearsals are excellent ways to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for positive change. By imagining your wins in the future, you’re on your way!

–Journaling prompt taken from _Journal to the Self_ card deck by Kathleen Adams